Author: tony

Mixed Mode NBN will soon be ready for business.

Its a crazy mixed up world out there. I talk to people every day about the state of broadband availability in their area. Its a big mixture between the have and the have nots. The vast majority of people I speak to have inadequate broadband speeds of below 4Mbps. Those (select few) who have speeds of greater than 10Mbps, don’t see what all the fuss is and are enjoying Neflix, Stan, Presto and other video streaming services. When Netflix came on the scene, it looks like network capacity planning people were on leave or absent. It might even be that...

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WikiLeaks here to stay

I thought I should speak for myself and say that I fully believe Julian Assange and what Wikileaks stand for is a good thing. I do have an opinion and it is different to that of Hillary Clinton. I don’t consider myself to be a terrorist (as she would suggest), but rather a supporter of global freedom of speech, not the US doctored version of “freedom of speech” which only suits them when it is in their favor. Wiki Leaks is also highly criticized for leaked documents claiming that it jeopardizes the lives of civilians, military and embassy officials....

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Nielsen study: Australia’s internet use up

Internet usage increased by 9% in Australia last year but did not affect the use of other media due to Aussies’ knack for multi-skilling. Nielsen’s 2010 Internet & Technology Report, released this week, stated that the average Australian internet user spent 17.6 hours per week online in 2009. In 2008 they were on for 16.1 hours, and 13.7 hours in 2007. 93% use the internet at home. The growth was caused partly by quicker broadband, but also the popularity of social media. Facebook, for instance, accounted for 21% of internet use. The heaviest users are those aged 16 to...

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