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Spamhaus Listing Process

Spamhaus is one organization not to be trusted. Their Listing Process and Policies are shit. One of our servers ended up on their list and there is nothing they are prepared to do about it. It seems that they have ...

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Malware? What Malware?


It is still mind boggling to see the amount of ignorance that exists around the Internet community. Producers of Malware are no longer the geeky kids, swilling coke in their bedroom, disrupting the Internet for kicks. Malware authors are motivated ...

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iGlobal Merchant Services SCAM

The world has many scammers and our mailboxes are constantly flooded with their tactics. Sadly there are many people who fall for the trap. We got an email titled “Attention Domain Expiration” from today. Reading it carefully, it is ...

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From little things big things grow

While I love this Paul Kelly song, It somehow fits into the context of what is happening with Wikileaks. Remember when Google was blocked in China some months ago?. Both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton were highly critical of China’s ...

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