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Government spyware vendor Hacking Team hacked

Hacking Team, a notorious Italian based company that develops and sells surveillance technology to governments worldwide, has been breached. The attackers have leaked over 400 gigabytes of emails, files and source code allegedly taken from Hacking Team. It contains sensitive ...

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Do we have to worry about our privacy?


Several weeks ago whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked secret documents about the NSA surveillance program PRISM. This program enables and allows the US government to access anyones personal data from companies such as Google and Facebook. It basically allows the National ...

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Malware? What Malware?


It is still mind boggling to see the amount of ignorance that exists around the Internet community. Producers of Malware are no longer the geeky kids, swilling coke in their bedroom, disrupting the Internet for kicks. Malware authors are motivated ...

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WikiLeaks here to stay

I thought I should speak for myself and say that I fully believe Julian Assange and what Wikileaks stand for is a good thing. I do have an opinion and it is different to that of Hillary Clinton. I don’t ...

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