Spamhaus Listing Process

Spamhaus is one organization not to be trusted.

Their Listing Process and Policies are shit. One of our servers ended up on their list and there is nothing they are prepared to do about it. It seems that they have found a couple of servers sending SPAM but then Spamhaus decided to list everyone on the same sub-net. They have effectively wiped out 8190 hosts because a few hosts (less than 1%) have been found to be the source of SPAM.

What a way to run an organization. According to their policy, because I have been listed, due to someone else on the same network, I am now cybercriminal spammer that can’t be trusted.

So lets put this a simpler, hypothetical way and transpose servers to sex offenders.

The police know that there are a number of sex offenders living in York Street, London. They have tried to identify who they are but its getting a bit hard. They want to be seen as catching sex offenders so to produce results, just declare every person living in York Street a sex offender and solve the problem.

How about running a sex offenders website. You get information that there are a few sex offenders in London. But it involves work to identify where the sex offenders are so just declare that everyone living in London is a sex offender.  Don’t worry about the people who are not sex offenders, it is their problem for living in an area where there are a few.  At-least we can tell the world how good we are at identifying sex offenders.

Of course we all know that is not true, but it is the same analogy. Just don’t let these guys run your police department.

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  1. Below is an email I got from Spamhaus. They employ rude staff and are a bunch of rednecks.


    How about telling us a bit more about the services you provide.

    Jorge, Marco
    Toronto, Ontario M6A2S2

    Other than providing proxying and VPS to people who want to keep hidden and make a few bucks to keep your Mazda running – does your hosting biz have any legit upside?

    John Reid
    The Spamhaus Project (

  2. Easy solution to SPAMHAUS problem is easy: Just do NOT host spammers on your server and then SPAMHAUS does not list you. How simple is that? Not saying “Oh I only sell service to a few spammers, but my other customers are legit” – – you serious host or fool host??

    So you want to make money. We all do!! So be VERY QUICK to kill any spammers off your server instead of saying “Oh I only have a few”!!! Get a reputation for not allowing spammers and then you have good hosting biz. Get a reputation for allowing spammers and you get blacklisted – – SIMPLE for anyone to understand I think!!!!

  3. Markos,

    You obviously have not understood the article, go back and read again.

    The problem here is that OUR SERVER DID NOT HOST SPAMMERS. I hate spammers too, but we were listed because someone on another server with similar IP address to ours is the actual spammer.

    But SHITHAUS SPAMHAUS are too stupid to list the actual offending servers, so they block all 8000 servers on the whole IP network address list. The IP network is owned by the ISP supplier of our server, we don’t own the IP network, just our single ip address.

  4. According to Spamhaus, my ISP provider is a spammer and by default so am I. Both are untrue. But how can you convince Spamhaus of that? Simple answer, you can’t, because they think they have all the answers and everybody else is a “techno-NOOB”. Spamhaus are pretentious twits who interfere and block legitimate mail traffic, causing a massive loss of revenue to businesses. Put it this way, if you send a letter you expect it to reach its destination. Mail should not be blocked and returned simply because a mail handler somewhere did not like the kind of paper that the envelope was made out of, or the colour of ink the sender had used to write the address. Spamhaus need to be booted off the internet!!

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