MalwareIt is still mind boggling to see the amount of ignorance that exists around the Internet community.

Producers of Malware are no longer the geeky kids, swilling coke in their bedroom, disrupting the Internet for kicks. Malware authors are motivated by greed, are business savvy and sell their services to organized crime syndicates.

When end users take little or no responsibility to maintain their computers they are taking a very big risk. It also makes sure that computer hackers and organized crime have a very bright future.

In one recent example, Avast was able to identify Malware on a website that (for now) shall remain nameless. The response from the administrators of the website was that there was no Malware on their site and since Avast is developed in Eastern Europe it simply shouldn’t be trusted because it is blocking their website for no reason.

The malware used the PhpRemoteView hack, a malicious JavaScript redirecting you to fake search engines full of ads and malicious software. Simply Viewing the HTML source, one could spot the malicious code from an aero-plane.

So, our Hacker and Administrator come together in beautiful harmony. Our hacker gets what he wants, and our Administrator makes the whole thing work because he refuses to accept that he has a problem.

Today Microsoft released their 11th Security Intelligence Report (SIR).

The report provides threat trends and data analysis on topics like software vulnerabilities, exploits, malicious code and potentially unwanted software. It is great reading and shows that the devide between the trend we need to see vs the actual trend is growing.

The report is great news for our hackers and shows strong growth in their business for years to come.