While I love this Paul Kelly song, It somehow fits into the context of what is happening with Wikileaks.

Remember when Google was blocked in China some months ago?. Both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton were highly critical of China’s stance on blocking information and limiting freedom of speach. “The more freely information flows, the stronger society becomes”, the US president said. How things have changed now with the release of cablegate.

I have a very strong prediction to make.

If the US and other governments continue the backlash against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange there will be unintended consequences beyond what anyone in government can imagine. They will enter into another war that they will not win. WikiLeaks will quickly be transformed from a handful of volunteers to a global movement. Any effort to bring it down will only make it stronger.

Since hosting of Wikileaks was dropped by Amazon, the number of mirror sites now hosting Wikileaks is 208. Many of these sites are on IPV6 networks.

I believe that continuing the action on Wikileaks and Juian Assange will quickly spwan into new areas such as anti-Americanism and anti-establishment. I believe much of this is happening already. The Pentagon believes they hold the draw card, and can take down Wikileaks whenever they want to, and see fit to do so.

What they don’t realize, is that if anything happens to this brilliant man, Julian Assange, there will be hundreds of others prepared to take over the helm and expand it to a powerful global movement.

Wikileaks will be stronger. Governments and corporations around the world will only achieve positive results with transparency from this day on.