I thought I should speak for myself and say that I fully believe Julian Assange and what Wikileaks stand for is a good thing.

I do have an opinion and it is different to that of Hillary Clinton. I don’t consider myself to be a terrorist (as she would suggest), but rather a supporter of global freedom of speech, not the US doctored version of “freedom of speech” which only suits them when it is in their favor.

Wiki Leaks is also highly criticized for leaked documents claiming that it jeopardizes the lives of civilians, military and embassy officials. People also believe that it endangers our progress and attempts at negotiations on a global level. Known as “Cablegate”, the most recent document dump begun released some of the 251,287 embassy cables.

This controversy comes as Interpol named Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, a wanted fugitive for rape, coercion and molestation charges stemming from an incident involving two Swedish women back in August. This issue I will leave alone, as I have already formed my views on this after looking into the facts a little closer.

It is possible that Julian Assange will face criminal charges for the recent publication of the leaks.

The United States has said there is an active investigation into the source of the leaks and all people deemed responsible will face charges. Though Interpol has released a Red Notice for Julian Assange, there are no charges or a warrant issued in relation to the newest WikiLeaks document dump.

Australia‚Äôs attorney-general Robert McClelland stated “From Australia’s point of view we think there are potentially a number of criminal laws that could have been breached”.

While I do agree that this is a diplomatic nightmare since it is asking the government to be accountable to its people, I also believe in chasing the truth and freedom of speech.

No matter how much resources and dollars are spent on bringing down Julian and Wikileaks, it is a war that they won’t win. They won’t win because they don’t understand the power of the people.

Some people have a problem with the truth, Some hide it, others hid from it.