Communications Minister Stephen Conroy had apparently entered discussions with Google to block access to video content in Australia. He had just learned that it was not technically feasible to filter Youtube at the ISP level. Bugger that !.

Conroy then told a Senate Estimates committee that it was technically infeasible to apply his proposed filtering regime to web sites like YouTube because it would introduce performance issues.

“[Google] are experts at deep packet filtering. They’re probably the world’s leading deep packet filterer, unbeknownst to most people. “They have experience in blocking material in other countries at the behest of governments, including China, Thailand and a number of other countries,” he stated.

Google, however, is having none of it, denying both Conroy’s claims about deep-packet filtering and suggestions it would voluntarily filter RC content. “We don’t believe the comparisons between how China filters the Internet, and how Australia is looking at it, are relevant,” stated Google Australia head of policy Iarla Flynn.

Perhaps unbeknownst to Conroy is the fact Google don’t enjoy having to stiffle freedom of speach in any contry. They are not some magic potion that can be called upon to voluntarily comply.

You can thanks the stupid Mums and Dads of this country who all voted for this and to task the governement to control the internet because they have no idea what is really causing the problem and don’t wnat to listen to reason.

At the moment “Government busts child pornography ring” gets headlines on every single channel, whereas “Massive unrest at new ultra strict internet censorship” barely gets a footnote on a news website.

“In the interview Conroy acknowledged that filtering, when applied to YouTube, “would slow the internet down”. ”

Remember, the Govt has already started banning legal movies that show naked girls with A cup breasts, regardless of age, because it could be misinterpreted at kiddy porn…